Video Archive

This is an ECLECTIC selection of my video works; some old, some new, some live performances capturing some video clips by other artists and a combination of both.

Angie Schaeffer - Drag Me

Directing, Filming and Editing - Angie Schaeffer
Drone  Operator - Bernard Brysens

Special Thanks to
Eitan Efrat for the camera
Wiet Lengeler for the analog video gear

Danski - Makom | דנסקי - מקום
Feb 13, 2019

Direction, Light Design & Programming: Ofer Smilansky  
Writer & Composer: Idan Shimoni  
Additional Sound Design: Ofer Smilansky  
Publisher: Kamea Music 

Filmed at Meishar Winery. Atelier and paintings by Neomi Smilansky. Thank you Meishar Winery, Netta Tauber & Blandine.

© Idan Shimoni  
℗ Idan Shimoni under exclusive license to Kame'a - Independent Music

Danski - Japan
Feb 13, 2019

Dedicated with love to the victims and survivors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Video: Ofer Smilansky   
Writer & Composer: Idan Shimoni   
Additional Sound Design: Ofer Smilansky

© Idan Shimoni 
℗ Idan Shimoni under exclusive license to Kame'a - Independent Music

Sep 28, 2017

Cat. No. 18 Ångström ep18   
Format : 7 inch Vinyl | Digital Download Electric Mambo (Pawol Jatibwa)   

Writer: Jean Claude Dorvil     
Lead Singer: Jean Claude «Sambaton»      
Drums & Vocals: Dorvil  Jean Rigaud Aimable, Riscot Cedieu & Sadrack «Mazaka» Merzier     
Chimes & Vocals: Gomez «Djopipi» Henris & Edèle Joseph      
Modular Synthetisers: Nicolas «Ripit» Esterle & Frederic Alstadt 
Images: Thomas Freteur | Generative Manipulations: Ofer Smilansky 

Recorded live at Café Central Brussels. Produced & Mixed by the Ångstromers, Mastered & Cut by Frederic Alstadt Management. Michael Wolteche -

Controllar - Kicksin 2014
Feb 06, 2018

Kicksin is a song from the Controllar's album 'Only Strangers Are Normal'. 

Recorded in Labosonic & AkkoJam.

Creator: Ofer Smilansky  
Mixer: Tomer Harari in Kicha Studios 
Mastering: Golden Mastering

Qualia 2011
Jan 01, 2011

2011 | DanceFilm | HD | 11 minutes

Choreography: Karyn Benquet  
Dancers: Jorge Nozal, Kévin Quinaou, Karyn Benquet  
Audio Visual: Ofer Smilansky

Thanks & Comments:  
We are grateful to all of you who helped us to realize our inspiration:  
From the Technical Department & Costume Atelier of NDT to the Switch Team, the Receptionists & Facilities Department of the Lucent, Linda De Boer, Jorge Nozal, Kevin Quinaou, Patricia Ribbas, Blandine & Adam Smilansky, Lucas & Valentina and Stijn Belle. 

Includes samples from Danski‘s “Genom”.

DANSKI : ANTIFAZ (Live) 2011
Jan 01, 2011

DANSKI: Idan Shimoni & Ofer Smilansky

Lyrics: Hila Shimoni 
Logo Design: Ori Ben-Shabat

Filmed @ ANNA, The Netherlands by: Angel Faraldo, Yolanda Uriz, Erin Mckinney, Yaniv Schon, Erfan Abdi, Alberto Novello, Blandine Smilansky, Yamila Rios Manzanares, Sara Pinheiro & Anton Arnby.

Thank you ANNA and all the wonderful people that took part in this project. 
With love to Blandine & Adam.

© Danski 2011

Transparent Things - 2009
Jan 01, 2009

A camera capture of the live performance, based on an excerpt from the novel by Vladimir Nabokov "Transparent Things".

Performer & Composer: Ofer Smilansky | KABK Presentation 
Filming: Blandine Smilansky