Ofer Smilansky

Ofer Smilansky - Biography

Brussels-based artist Ofer Smilansky (1982) creates awe-inspiring audiovisual installations, visceral solo shows and keen light systems for stage.

Ofer loves synaesthesia. In his work, Ofer utilises the textures, colours and gestures of light, sound and movement as a whole to compose powerful pieces. Music, visuals, bodies and volumes influence each other and interact in an often disturbing tension leading to fantastic eruptions.

Ofer loves computers. His long-time practice of electronic music and experimental approach to digital creation make him a skilled and versatile artist that masters a variety of software and hardware.

Ofer loves drama. He strives to turn the often detached character of computer-based art into a vehicle for truly emotional experiences, both for the general public and for digital arts enthusiasts, depending on the nature of his work that ranges from soft to hard core. 

Ofer loves people. He collaborates with choreographers, musicians and other audiovisual artists towards a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.