EYELIDless - 2021

In this multidisciplinary live performance by YAMILA streamed from the artist’s home, Ofer does light and image design and technical direction.  

The performance combines oneiric images from the artist’s imagination and mysterious sonic landscapes. The daily spaces transform into the site of a mystical encounter with what is beyond its walls. Decentralising the stage and the performing artist, the piece challenges the notion of concert.  

In times of social isolation and tiresome repetition, Eyelidless submerges the audience into the intimate and magical world of musical creation that hides in the cracks of the everyday — and indeed, transforms it, showing that art is not a luxury but a necessity. 

Concept, direction & music composition: Yamila Ríos 
Dramaturgy and performative design: Diego Echegoyen 
Executive production: Growing projects 
Video teaser : Emilie Sornasse 
Lightning design, video edition and live streaming technical direction: Ofer Smilansky 
Dop live performance: Pauline Beau Djilas 
Dop pre-recorded material: Emilie Sornasse 
Assistance on set: Pierre-Louis Kerbart 
Costume design: Jennifer Defays/Genders-astray 
Graphic identity and animated interventions: Raul Luna 
Historical research: Liesbeth Schoonheim