Beastly Fears - 2023

Beastly Fears is a solo audiovisual performance that speaks to the personal and universal experience of fear by combining sound, light, video and stage presence into a complex dramaturgy. 
Coming soon to your nightmares. 

The project is a new step in the artistic pursuit of Ofer, whose initial musical practice has been progressively broadened, enriched, and deepened by integrating other mediums — light, video, body — in order to offer a total perceptual and sensory experience to the viewer.

Beastly Fears draws on the artist’s previous experiences in the field of electronic music, architectural lightning and dance. It extends and brings to fruition these experiments, which all participate in a research on the possibilities of digital technologies to bring together several mediums and artistic languages. 

Realtime Video Light and Sound : Ofer Smilansky
Production : Nicolas Rozieck