Khorus - 2022

This sound, light, and fog solo installation consists of a powerful and contrasted composition for 15 pillars of standing fluorescent tubes that oscillate between light and darkness, presence and absence. 

Like an antic choir or a sacred procession, the whole installation evokes solemnity and conveys density through the interplay of immobility and movement, rigidity and fluidity. The fluorescent tubes are placed in space in a carefully designed shape that enhances fluctuations, sense of depth, and the illusion of perspective. The light is strongly tied with the sound and controlled by a highly evocative musical composition that moves from a thick crowd of mad voices to heavy stomping bass hits with a clear upwards motion towards a climatic and melodic ending and repeats.

Production by Nicolas Roziecki 
Khorus was first shown at UIT HET DONKER IV 2022 by De Warande 
Special thanks to Martin Georgi from GEO-TECHNIK